Choosing the right insurance agency is the most important step you can take in making certain that your family and your business have the insurance protection they need. All insurance agencies are not the same, and all methods of marketing and distributing insurance are not equal.  There are those that suggest insurance is a commodity that can be easily purchased through a variety of marketing channels with little difference in the end result. We suggest that is not the case.

At Don Scott Insurance, we have been serving the insurance and risk management needs of families and businesses in Lebanon and Middle Tennessee since 1979. First and foremost, as an independent insurance agency, we are committed to representing your interests. Only independent agents are uniquely positioned to truly act as your advocate at all times.

An important part of the insurance risk management and risk management equation, is first understanding the specific insurance needs of your family or business. At Don Scott Insurance, we take the time to get to know you and understand your unique insurance and risk management needs. Since we represent  many of the finest insurance companies in America, we are then able to search the “marketplace” to bring you the best insurance value possible.

At Don Scott Insurance, we understand that one of the greatest values we bring to the relationship is our knowledge, experience and expertise. You are not alone in the complex and sometimes confusing world of insurance and risk management. We stand with you to make certain your interests are protected!