Specialty Insurance

Well-versed in many Industries

Don Scott Insurance recognizes that every line of business has its own list of requirements when it comes to insurance. That is why we provide specialized lines of coverage to accommodate businesses with uncommon liability and risks. Since 1979, Don Scott Insurance has helped businesses in the Nashville area get the coverage they need, and we can help your business even if you are not in Tennessee. For more information on how we can fulfill your specialty insurance needs, contact us at (615) 444-3620, or fill out our online form for a free quote.

Railroad insurance to protect your business

For over 35 years, Don Scott Insurance has developed knowledge and experience in railroad insurance and risk management. We have one of the most comprehensive and competitive railroad products on the market, so let us be your trusted source for railroad coverage.

When you choose Don Scott Insurance, coverage and risk management options can include:

  • Railroad general liability
  • Railroad protective liability
  • Rail car contingent liability and property
  • Railroad contractors general liability
  • Railroad automobile liability
  • Railroad property
  • Transit/commuter rail liability
  • Railroad package policy
  • Railroad force account
  • Contingent business income

Don Scott Insurance can couple group benefits including occupational accident, disability and life, to your railroad insurance as well. We work with a wide range of railroad industries, including:

  • Freight railroads
  • Commuter and excursion railroads
  • Scenic railroads
  • NOC railroads (private car owners, special events, leasing)
  • Terminal and switching contractors
  • Railroad contractors
  • Rail car locomotive and component parts manufacturers
  • Rail car locomotive repair shops
  • Rail car leasing

Do not let liability keep you from working on the railroad. Don Scott Insurance can get you the railroad coverage you need.

Insurance for non-profit and social services organizations

The business structure for non-profit and social services organizations is significantly different than the for-profit arena. Our agency understands the liability and risks of this category of business, making us a valuable insurance partner for your organization. Insurance options can include specialized coverage for:

  • Property
  • General and excess liability
  • Automobile
  • Professional liability
  • Abuse and molestation
  • Loss of income
  • Key employee replacement expense
  • Bonds
  • Employee dishonesty
  • Directors and officers (D&O)
  • Group benefits

Talk to one of our agents to learn more about how Don Scott Insurance can protect your organization and your cause.